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Stop eating to feed the vicious voice of addiction in your head. Your life depends on it. Been there done that - let me help.



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I am building this site to help others suffering from serious illness, weight loss or mental health. My journey of saving my life was so hard, as I waited until I was nearly dead to get educated about how to care for my body.

I beat 16 years of bulimia, came out of menopause and birthed my first child at age 48, had a supernatural experience and beat cancer. I have a few dos and don'ts to share.

Read the information and watch the Youtube videos with anecdotes, facts and comedy and decide what you believe about sugar and health. Then make a commitment to healthier consumption. It will improve every category of your life. I love you. Faith Creates!

A peek at the cover of Eating My Way to Heaven

Wellness Experience

My personal experience and those of my many clients over the decades illustrates that what we share cell to cell with our blood system dictates our health. Sugar is a health threat. This site is to help you get educated about it and choose healthier consumption habits. I did. 

You can read about my personal sugar detox and the opening of the Sugar Detox Center in my autobiography, 

You can heal your body and your mind. Faith Creates!

Personal Coaching

I am available via email and phone for personal coaching relationships. Besides information and personal experience, I have a medical intuitive gift that serves me when working one on one with clients. Together we will negotiate a plan and a price. Reach me at

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Back Away From the Chocolate

Contact me to learn more about how we can work together to help you reach your wellness goals. 

Back Away From the Chocolate

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